Invisible Injury


What do you think when you read the phrase “Invisible Injury”? To me it speaks of two things:

Physical injury. Emotional injury.

Injury that is not obvious to the onlooker. Not immediately apparent to others.

Injury that we don’t show or share with others for fear of judgement and feeling exposed and vulnerable.

There are however, many more definitions of this, as I found out when I first began researching this topic and the list is long.

I have lived with a physical injury for over 26 years and this injury was one that changed the direction of my life entirely and after many years I can say that is better for it despite the daily pain.

The injury is not obvious to the onlooker; not immediately apparent to others and came with a large suitcase of emotional injury.

And this is the injury I am writing about today. This is about story and how we communicate our stories. This is something that I am passionate about.

We all have them and they influence the way we walk through life. They sometimes dictate our reactions and behaviours and can cloud our ability to respond in a different more positively impactful way.

We can get stuck in our stories and they become patterns. Often we can express them from a victim mentality. Now there’s a phrase that can be hard to hear. It was hard for me when I first heard it many years ago until I learned to fully understand the energy behind it. I had to completely unpick that word in order to move past where I was.

I would like to gift you with a few helpful pointers that will help to shine a different light on our stories.

One thing we can do is begin to listen closely to how we use language when telling a story that we have.

What words do we choose? What energy is driving them? What emotions are trapped within our descriptions?

Are we stretching ourselves beyond the pain and toward a place of owning it instead of it owning us?

This is about finding the lessons within the story so that we can move past it and use it as a resource for strength and to find our peace. To find our power and use it to propel us toward a better mind-set; to set ourselves free and break the pattern.

Our invisible injury becomes our visible light, our courage and our wisdom.

Living from a place of light, courage and wisdom is living from the heart.

It is not for the faint hearted. This takes courage, forgiveness and patience.

It’s a daily practice.

Some of us may not be ready for this journey and the beautiful thing is we know when we are.

Our heart tells us when we are ready.

Are you ready?

From my heart to yours.

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