The Cost of Staying Static

Have you ever tried to break free of a rut that your find yourself in?

If so, you’ll know it can sometimes be difficult because it can be tricky to break free from a pattern of thinking or feeling that you have been stuck in for a long time – sometimes a life time.

We can find ourselves stuck in a perpetual cycle of trying to break free of negative self-talk only to find ourselves persistently taking detours back to our starting point. And the parts of our lives that we a looking to improve and heal never change because of this. Frustrating right?!

I know what this is like because I spent most of myself trapped in a strange dichotomy of bolshiness and low self-esteem and not understanding why. How was it possible to be so self-assured and at the same time unable to convince myself that I was good enough? This was impacting many areas of my life until I had my “AHA” moment.

This “AHA” moment was when someone gave me the “map” of how I was living – and I was living from the head and not the heart. My head space was SO strong that it took major changes in my life to allow me to see what this was costing me. It cost me my marriage, it cost me the ability to advance in my career and it cost me my health.

A heavy price to pay, wouldn’t you say?

So what do you do?

Many people have found success with different types of therapies such as CBT, coaching and talking therapies, and here’s a few things that are good to know before you decide on which to try.

If you have awareness of events that have shaped your thinking then CBT and coaching can be great. If you don’t then talking therapies will allow you to dig deeper into your past so that you create the awareness that you need in order to move forward.

I started with talking therapy ten months after the break down of my marriage. I was stuck in a deep sadness that I was finding hard to shake. That was my first step and it was much needed. I was introduced to the work of Brene Brown, a researcher and author of the true meaning of vulnerability. This was my first “AHA” and my work as a coach is now deeply rooted in her work.

For me coaching was the key to that unlocked the static and enabled movement towards how I wanted to live my life. The reason it was so effective for me was because of my drive and commitment to making these changes and to breaking the patterns – and it’s a journey that is constantly evolving which I absolutely love!

This particular coach, who was and still is my mentor, had the ability to stop me in my tracks of operating from the head and showed me the elevator that took me on the journey down to my heart, she showed me that there are really only two places we operate from in life – fear or love.

As a coach myself, I was caught up in process and action in my own life and was missing the important ingredient of listening to my heart. I listened to others so well, yet I wasn’t listening to my own. The irony wasn’t lost on me!

This transformed not just my life, but also my business. My signature workshop is about living from the heart.

If you are looking for a way forward in your life, the best way to ensure that you find what you need to help you with this is to ask yourself these questions:

What am I looking to change in my life?

What do I want to move away from?

What do I want to say No to?

What do I want to say Yes to?

What steps am I taking towards making these changes?

If you want to connect directly with me you can book yourself in right now using this link:

And you can join me in my next workshop on Saturday the 2nd of June “How to live from the Heart – A journey of letting go of the things we can’t change”.

I send you my love and commitment to your journey.

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