Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can’t Lose.

I have stepped into a hard truth. A truth about how I had been living a strange combination of self-discounting yet internal conviction and strength.

I realised that I had been missing a vital ingredient and also recognised this through the distance I now have due to the shifts that I have made.

The word that sparked this realisation is self-acknowledgement.

It struck me that knowing who we are, what our values are, our purpose, our passion and our Yes’s and no’s are not the full picture, not the magic ingredient that makes our sparks fly. They are the embers that keep the fire going, the energy that keeps it burning. The spark is self-acknowledgement. A deep, unyielding, solid as a rock self-acknowledgement and the ability to be fully present within ourselves; Non-negotiable as Brene Brown says: “I will not negotiate who I am with you.”

This is authenticity at its core and at its best. It is also the true meaning of vulnerability. My work is deeply rooted in the work of Brene Brown and her research shows that vulnerability is the greatest measure of courage. It takes courage to be authentic, to show up as us and really be seen.

I did not know this for most of my life and when I had this understanding everything changed. And I mean EVERYTHING.

Now, some may consider or perceive this as arrogance, however being abundant, knowing what you want and who you are is not arrogant. Yet I can imagine that for someone who enjoys power, likes control, likes to dominate and have subordinates – self-acknowledgement and authenticity would be perceived as arrogance. This is because it can be perceived as a threat. It’s a powerful thing to be willing to show up as ourselves.

Self-acknowledgement and abundance are two elements of being that I have been growing towards. I have been minding the gap as they say. And the gap is self-worth, feeling deserving and feeling enough. These are gremlins that many of us have that hold us back from living from the heart.

We can’t live an abundant life if we do not feel worthy, deserving or enough. They are unable to coexist. It’s like oil and water. Minding this gap, I believe is about building a bridge, and this bridge is a decision. That’s all it is – a decision. No more, no less. We decide and make the choice to think, feel and do differently. We decide to acknowledge ourselves. And this is a practice, especially if self-worth is missing from our lives.

This practice is the bridge, a daily practice that enables us to travel safely whilst learning a different way of showing up. This bridge will mind the gap and keep the path of practice in front of us, beneath us and around us.

Self-acknowledgement to me is saying and believing “I am worthy”, “I am deserving”, “I am as important as anyone else.” It’s saying “I know who I am, this is me and this is what is in my heart.”

It is also setting clear boundaries, which is a vital factor in practicing living from the heart.

If this sounds like arrogance, the invitation is to look at this judgement and feel into what the trigger is. Is this an unhealed part of ourselves? Is this judgement coming from a place of fear and not love?

Self-acknowledgement is empowering and who can acknowledge us better than ourselves? We no longer need to seek the approval of others and we are saying “I am everything I need”. And with this, we enter the world whole and resourceful, we enter relationships with a full heart, clear eyes and we are able to give love, compassion and empathy to others and ourselves. We can't lose!

Now that is living from the heart.

If you would like to learn more I run workshop and coaching programmes that speak to this truth.

My next workshop is on the 7th of April in Norwich and I will be posting dates for the next one soon.

My name is Karina Williams and I am a transformational coach. I coach over the phone as my business is becoming location independent, so it doesn’t matter where you are we can connect and discover what this work would mean for you.

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