Be Kind To Yourself

Show Yourself The Same Compassion You Would Someone Else

Be Kind to Yourself.

We are all capable of such kindness to those we know and love, so why do we not show the same warmth and compassion towards ourselves?

When it comes to you and your life, if you frequently find yourself saying things that you wouldn’t utter to anyone in your life, then why do you do this to yourself?

Negative Thoughts are Unbalanced and Distorted.

Negative thinking can be very cut and dry, very black and white. Some days you feel good about yourself and some days you don’t.

There isn’t much balance going on. What impact does this have on the ones around us?

Are You Able To Accept Compliments?

How do you react when someone pays you a compliment? Are you able to accept it wholeheartedly or do you shrink and push it away, giving an opposing argument? Are you being cut and dry?

Are you allowing your own negative thoughts about yourself to be reinforced by doing this?

Have the scales tipped in the direction of an uncomfortable comfort zone?


This response can be an unconscious defence mechanism and can be linked to low self-esteem.

The reaction occurs because it conflicts with a self-belief system and has an instant negative bias.

Countering the Negative Thoughts.

It takes time to change a long standing habit and practice. Building resilience is key.

Show yourself kindness and compassion by countering a negative thought with a positive one.

Create balance.

Soon this practice will be a new habit and have a new value. You may even find it a little easier to accept a compliment.

Imagine how that would feel. Imagine what it can do for your mood, self-image and treatment of others.

So remember to be kind to yourself as you would others.

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If you want to achieve action in your life, coaching can help give you a clear strategy to make the changes that you seek.

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