What is Coaching?

Coaching can benefit anyone looking to make a change. It provides a safe space and structure that facilitates awareness, movement and action with a professional who is trained to challenge and make you think.

It's for all clients in all sectors, all stages and walks of life looking to make positive changes, break patterns and get different or better outcomes.

Sessions are structured conversations that give insight, action and the freedom from something or the freedom to do something.

The magic lies with the coach as a catalyst, who brings a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge which allows you to do your best thinking and live the best version of your life.

What is Aligned Action Coaching?

Aligned Action Coaching is about the client and coach taking a thoughtful approach to action. Choice and responsibility are recurring themes and is centred on self-leadership. Action is only taken when it is aligned with who we are and what we want for ourselves.

Often we try to bully ourselves to get motivated for what we sometimes brand as "good for us."

Aligned Action Coaching moves from a mind-set of self-control or self-management to one of self-leadership. This shift enables a richer quality of life, choice and sense of profound freedom.

As your coach, I align myself to your values and who you are, where, what and who you want to be. I do this by really listening to you, the language you use and what lies beneath your words. 

I am passionate about how we communicate with ourselves and others. It's impact can often have long lasting effects. 

Coaching with me gives you a safe and unconditional space to explore and do your best thinking. A space where you can be you and accepted for who you are. I work from a place of non-judgement and love and understand the longing that we all feel in life.

I will help you lay a strong foundation for any aspect of your life that you are looking to feel into and work on, and through my own life experiences understand the difficult moments and events that come our way.

By having a sense of connection and the chance to be seen and heard - great new options, choices and ideas come to light and feelings of inspiration and joy can be discovered.

If you are looking for a space in which to feel supported, inspired, create awareness, options and choice and live your life fully, then contact me and start your journey of exploration to the life that you want. 

I can't wait to hear from you.

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