Answers are found by asking the right questions. 

My passion is communication, breaking patterns and living from the heart.

It takes courage to do this, no matter where you live in society, no matter where you are in the world and no matter what your life looks like right now.

My message to you is:

Keep your heart open.

There are many different aspects of life coaching, however it is my belief that it boils down to a couple of really important points:


Are we living the life that we want to be living?

If the answer is no, what’s getting in the way?


I focus on the words we choose to use and the impact they have on our actions, feelings and thoughts.

Language is a powerful tool and must be wielded with care and compassion, whether it’s with ourselves or others, whether we are a manager or an employee, a partner or a parent. How we communicate dictates outcomes.


I focus on self-leadership and breaking patterns.


I believe that our path is determined by our ability to listen to our heart. That means tuning into what feels right and good and not what we think we should be in order to please or live up to someone else’s expectation; creating our own reality from a place of truth.


I focus on emotional agility, which breathes compassion, empathy and courage.


I help individuals who are longing to feel, think and do what they know is in their hearts; individuals who know that it’s time to make that change; the change that’s been whispering and nudging them towards their true path in life. And that is different for everyone. What is the same is the feeling that they are doing what is right for them.


I will help you lay a strong foundation for any aspect of your life that you are looking to feel into and work on, and through my own life experiences understand the difficult moments and events that come our way.

By having a sense of connection and the chance to be seen and heard - great new options, choices and ideas come to light and feelings of inspiration and joy can be discovered.

If you are looking for a space in which to feel supported, inspired, create awareness, options and choice and live your life fully, then contact me and start your journey of exploration to the life that you want. 

I can't wait to hear from you.

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