July 29, 2019

Is anyone ever really free of judgement?

Today, I arrived home after a long and trying day and turned on the news. I was greeted with a report on violence and hatred towards the gay community.

And let’s be really transparent here:

Violence and hatred is fear.

I have been o...

February 17, 2019


What do you think when you read the phrase “Invisible Injury”?
To me it speaks of two things:

Physical injury.
Emotional injury.

Injury that is not obvious to the onlooker.
Not immediately apparent to others.

Injury that we don’t show or share with oth...

April 30, 2018

I know what this is like because I spent most of myself trapped in a strange dichotomy of bolshiness and low self-esteem and not understanding why. How was it possible to be so self-assured and at the same time unable to convince myself that I was good enough? This was...

March 31, 2018

It struck me that knowing who we are, what our values are, our purpose, our passion and our Yes’s and no’s are not the full picture, not the magic ingredient that makes our sparks fly. They are the embers that keep the fire going, the energy that keeps it burning. The...