About  Karina

I am a qualified Aligned Action Coach educated at the NLP Institute in Copenhagen.

I have been coaching for many years and understand the significance and positive impact that it has in all areas of life and work.

Having lived in five countries I have developed a deep understanding of the importance of communication. This includes the communication we have with ourselves and the influence it can have when wanting to achieve, change and succeed in life.

The changes we make in how we communicate can have an enormous impact on our lives as well as those around us. Rephrasing is key.

Coaching with me will give you a safe and confidential space, free of judgement and assumption in which to explore and develop your goals. Whatever your needs are I can help you move from where you are to where you want to be and live your best life, whether that's at work or at home.

If you want to achieve action in your life I can help  give you a clear strategy to make the changes that you seek.

Our path is determined by our ability to

I have lived in Norwich now for over 20 years and love it. Out of all the places I have lived, this is where I have felt most at home. I can't recommend it enough.

I coach people across the UK, via phone, internet or face to face.

I am passionate about helping people to get unstuck and help change not only how they see themselves, but also how they communicate with themselves and others. I know first hand how important this is to happiness and life satisfaction. It is so easy to accept the way things are or get caught in a repeating pattern even though we are wanting something different.

For me this has been about overcoming injury and the struggle to re-evaluate what life can hold, especially if you are no longer capable of the things that used to drive and inspire you. Personally, this took me some time and involved trial and error. This has led me to where I am today which is understanding that everybody's story is different, everybody responds and reacts in different ways to the challenges that life holds - and there will always be challenges. Courage, grit and not fearing failure are corner stones for thriving and success. Balance is key.

I look forward to working with you.

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Aligned Action Coaching is an accredited by the ICF - International Coach Federation

Virtual Life Coach for the Shaw Trust


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